Dear Members,

I am sure you will all be aware of the difficulties faced within the hospitality industry since the start of the pandemic. We are sorry to say that the New Forest Golf Club is not immune to this and suffers the knock on effects ranging from stock availability, failed deliveries and inhouse staffing levels.

With an increase of events, with early morning breakfast requirements and social evenings, it becomes very difficult not to overstretch our current workforce.

Sarah is working hard to maintain the level of service that we were all used to pre-pandemic but, due to a skeleton staff, there may be times that the Clubhouse will close earlier in the evenings, particularly on quieter days. Just check with the Clubhouse or the Shop prior to your round.

We hope you understand the situation and we thank you for your patience, but please feel free to contact Fiona or Sarah if you wish to discuss this further.

Kind regards

The Clubhouse
New Forest Golf Club