1st Hole – RedHill – 279 yards – Par 4

A nice straightforward start to your round with a relatively short par 4, the green is well protected by 3 bunkers, and a big slope at the back of the green

2nd – The Needle – 147 yards – Par 3 

You know how difficult it can be to put a piece of thread through the eye of a needle? Well that’s easier than hitting this very long thin two tiered green!  There can be as many as 5 clubs difference between a front or back pin placement.

3rd – Racecourse – 564 yards – Par 5

Stroke index 1! A proper par 5! Out of bounds down the left off the tee and all manners of trouble down the right for your second shot. After 3 good shots (hopefully) you`ll arrive at a well guarded green with a nice view up into Lyndhurst high street.

4th – Fawley View – 410 yards – Par 4

A good length par 4, not too much trouble off the tee, however with bushes short left and behind the green and then 3 sneaky little pot bunkers short right you have to make sure your approach play is spot on.

5th – Pikes Hill – 364 yards – Par 4

A dog leg left with a really well positioned bunker on the corner that gathers up many a loose tee shot. The green is banked on the left with 2 bunkers off to the right.

6th – Cadnam Road – 194 yards – Par 3

The second par 3 of the round and equally as tough. A beautiful hole on a nice sunny afternoon, 3 bunkers on the left of the green, trees on the right and a ditch just short means that you need to be hitting it well to hit this one.

7th – Fox Hill – 449 yards – Par 4

A.Long.Slog! What you see is what you get, a very long and straight par 4 all up hill, with ditches left and right to grab any errant tee shots and then bushes left and right closer to the green mean that this is a tough old hole!

8th – Foldgate – 236 yards – Par 3

Our 3rd par 3 of the front nine and like the ones before it’s a tough one! Slightly downhill it still takes a good hit to reach a very slopey green, any tee shots leaking off to the right will either find sand or ditch!

9th – Busketts Way – 455 yards – Par 5

A par 5 to end the front nine, big hitters can go for this in two, but beware of the stream that runs the entire way across the front of the green.

10th – Tween Bridges – 470 yards – Par 5

A tough start to the back 9, out of bounds the entire way down the right of this hole results in a fair few reloads! Once off the tee it’s a couple of goods strikes to get to the corner where the hole dog legs right to a small well guarded green.

11th – Old Clubhouse – 142 yards – Par 3

Gets its name as this was the site of the original clubhouse when we moved over from the other side of the A35. It might be a short hole, but you have to get your club selection spot on as the forest behind will grab up any slightly long efforts

12th – Rushpole – 265 yards – Par 4

A nice drive-able (for the big hitters) par 4, out of bounds in the practice area to the right and a couple of well positioned fairways bunkers, a tough green to read once you do make it there!

13th Dunces Arch – 139 yards – Par 3

Par 3 number 5 (I hope your iron play has been good so far) devilish little hole, protected by 2 small bunkers on each side of the ridiculously undulating green.

14th Lone Birch – 198 yards – Par 3

The longest of the back nine par 3`s, more green side bunkers on the right and a large mound protecting the left hand side. A large bunker short of the green takes many more tee shots than it possibly should.

15th Red Bridge – 262 yards – Par 4

Another drive-able par 4 for the bigger hitters, although most people are more worried about the large bog half way that seems to attract golf balls like metal to a magnet.

16th – Frankie Dello – 168 yards – Par 3

The 7th and final par 3 of the day, and another that is very well protected by bunkers and trees, the bunker short of the green is the designated captains bunker so anyone who finds this one is encouraged to add a pound to the captains charity.

17th – Kismet – 493 yards – Par 5

Par 5 number 4 and a good opportunity to add a birdie to your scorecard. A nice open tee shot should leave you with a blind second over the fairway bunkers and down the hill towards the green. 2 more green-side bunkers are here to protect a wayward shot.

18th – Swann Song – 301 yards – Par 4

Named after our previous owner and saviour of the club back in 1959. An uphill tee shot should leave a short approach to a nice well guarded green.







CHANGES TO OUT OF BOUNDS – HOLES 3 & 10 Effective from June 2017

After discussions with the Section representatives and Greens Staff during the Greens Committee meeting held on Saturday 17th June, it has been agreed to trial changes to the O.O.B on holes 3 and 10.

  • Hole 3 – The O.O.B marker behind the large Holly bush has now been removed, the final white post in line with the Holly bush now formally marks the end of O.O.B
  • Hole 10 – The first O.O.B marker after the hazard has now been removed so O.O.B now commences further up the slope