NFGC LOCAL RULES – (For a full breakdown of local rules please check on the back of the scorecard)

1 , All players are requested to respect the rights of the general public to walk across the course

2, Preferred lies in play at all times within the fairway boundary of the hole you are playing

3, Relief may be taken for a ball lying in or affected by animal damage (excluding in water hazards)

4, Stones in bunkers may be removed without penalty

5, Relief to be taken for immovable obstructions, these include fairway lines, fences, paths, sprinkler heads etc

6, Out of bounds are marked by white stakes, to the left of the 3rd, right of holes 10 and 12 & anywhere inside clubhouse boundaries

7, Water hazards marked with yellow stakes and lateral water hazards marked with red stakes

8, Stone filled ditches not designated as hazards will result in free relief being taken