Welcome to New Forest Golf Club’s 12,12,12 – Women in Golf

Your golf journey starts here!

We are delighted to offer this opportunity for 12 women to start their golfing journey with us – free of charge.

Perhaps learning to play golf has been on your agenda for a while – but you just haven’t got round to taking that first step. We realise this may be the case for many women, so the aim of this program is to remove those first few hurdles.

Interested? Book below!

Yes! This is our own club campaign to introduce women to golf.

We would love more female players – so we want to prove what a great game this is.

At the end of your trial you may decide it’s not for you. But we hope you will continue to play and grow with us.

The aim of the lessons is to build your skills enough to play on the course. Coaching will take place in groups of six both inside our studio and on the course.

Our Pro will go through all the basics, including:

  • Types of clubs
  • Gripping the club
  • Putting
  • Chipping
  • Driving
  • Scoring
  • Etiquette

You will have 3 group lessons – each lasting 2 hours.

Beginners’ lessons are usually kept to 30 minutes, but you will receive 12 lesson’s worth of group coaching – in 3 condensed blocks.

Each group will have 6 people.

No. We have clubs you can borrow. All you need to bring is your desire to learn.

This program will run in two groups – with 6 people in each group.

Group 1: 3,10,17 of June 5-7pm

Group 2: 4,11,18 of June 5-7pm

Should we have more interest than spaces then we may hold another program in the near future which would incur a charge to cover costs. You can register your interest in this below.