Mens Section – Sunday Order of Merit

//Mens Section – Sunday Order of Merit
Mens Section – Sunday Order of Merit 2018-09-22T20:02:31+00:00

Find out who is good for a round of drinks by checking out the latest order of merit money winners by clicking 2018 Sunday Order Of Merit (as of 16th September 2018)

After racking up 16 twos so far this season and winning the Chairman’s Trophy on 13th May, Steve Duckett now leads the Men’s Sunday order of merit. Andy Hales is in 2nd with a 2nd place in the gross competition on 26th August and 7 twos so far with many top finishes this year. Mike Barton moves up to 3rd following 3rd on 16th September and 2nd on 1st July. Jim Barstow is in 4th after winning the Rotary Shield on 15th July and winning the 3 twos pot on the 24th June. Jack Ruggier is in 5th after winning the men’s section of the Reavley Chain on 27th May and 2nd in the Allamby Trophy on the 6th May.

On the committee our Captain, Ricky Jeal, leads the way following victory on 22nd July in the Lynsome Greensome Coronation Cup and on 1st April in the Martin Wilson Cup. He is closely followed by Tom Hobbs with 2nd in the gross competition on 1st July (Centenary Bowl). Everyone in the committee is now on the order of merit.


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