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Singles StablefordWhite TeesWHS rules

A competition played by all sections of the Club. Each section plays its own individual competition and allocates its own prizes, but the overall trophy winner is the best score from all the combined sections.

Seniors may enter both the Seniors and the Mens Section competitions to compete for the Prize Vouchers but must nominate prior to the competition played first which of the two they wish their scorecard to count towards the Trophy. They must ensure that the other scorecard is marked “NOT IN THE TROPHY”.

The Trophy shown is awarded at the Club AGM.

The below named individuals are the winners of the Seniors section part of the competition.

2007 Tim Holt
2008 Peter Ayers
2009 Brian Randall
2010 Ross Matthews
2011 David Hart
2012 Bill Devenish
2013 Ross Matthews
2014 Ross Matthews
2015 Lionel Burns
2016 Roger Linfield
2017 Steve Duckett
2018 Berry Money
2019 Barry Nicholas
2020 Not played due to Covid19
2021 Paul Tatler

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