Joining the New Forest Golf Club is easy and we have many different types of membership to suit all age ranges and hopefully all pockets,

Please see below a list of fees:-

Membership Option Annual Subscription
7 day (Full member) £614
5 day (Mon – Fri) £525
Intermediate (Ages between 26 and 29) £385
Intermediate (Aged between 22 & 25) £275
Colt (21 & 22 year olds) £230
Colt (Aged between 18 & 20) £145
Junior (Under 18) £50**
Country membership (Home address more than 50 miles from club) £330

** Juniors fee reduced to £25pa if participating in junior coaching programme

All the above prices include EGU/LGU fees and golf insurance.

Monthly direct debits are also available to enable you to spread the cost over the whole year.

The Club has been registered under the UK Government’s Community Amateur Sports Club Scheme (CASC) since 2010.

As such the Club is open to all sections of the community and its primary purpose is to promote the playing of golf with a membership and facilities that are open to all without any form of discrimination. It is organised on a non – profit amateur basis with any surplus funds raised through activities utilised to improve facilities for the membership and occasional players (pay and play).

All sections of the community are welcomed and have the opportunity to become members of the club or use the facilities on a pay and play basis. Our fee structures are among the most modest levels evident in the surrounding districts and include a variety of different memberships such as 5 or 7 day members and similarly a range of green fee structures which include a modest level for ‘twilight’ golf played late afternoons.  In general therefore, our costs do not create an obstacle to members of the community playing. However, HMRC does in its CASC regulations require clubs who have a membership fee in excess of £520 (including costs associated with membership) to make provision for those people who wish to become a member and are unable to afford to pay more than £520. The cost of a seven day membership is a little higher than the £520 limit and as the Club would not wish to preclude any member from fully participating in golf, will discuss arrangements with anyone who wishes to join but is on a low income. The £520 limit is inclusive of any entry fees for competitions the club may arrange. Applicants wishing to discuss this arrangement are asked to make contact specifically with the Club’s Secretary.