Winter League Rules 2020

Entry cost £25 per Pair

Match Format

  • Matches are 4 Ball Better Ball
  • 90% difference against the lowest handicap in the 4 Ball
  • All Matches are played through 18 holes to determine final score

Match Schedule

  • All Matches to be played on a Sunday
  • All matches have a primary schedule date
  • Alternate days are available to play a match which cannot be played on the primary schedule date
  • If a team fails to turn up on the schedule day and have not already rearranged the match it is forfeited – Win to the other team
  • If only one player from a team turns up and the opposing team cannot make the alternative the match has to be played on that day
  • If a team cannot make any of the alternate dates but could make the primary date they match is void – team win the match 1 point
  • If 15 Holes are open the course is deemed to be playable for a match
  • If a day is deemed to be ‘wash out’ another date will be made available – Competition Chairman’s discretion on which will be the alternate date used.

Divisions and Scoring

The combined exact handicap of both players is used to determine their Division
Win – 3 points
Draw – 2 point
Void – 1 point

Quarter Final Qualifying

  • 1st and 2nd in each Division qualifier for quarter final
  • Best Two 3rd place finishes from any division qualifier
  • Best 3rd place is determined in the following order:
    – Number of games won
    – The best total +/- score from all matches
    – 18 Hole play off

Quarter / Semi / Final Matches

  • Matches are played to a finish on the day
  • Quarter / Semi and Final dates may get moved depending on weather and league match over runs
  • Quarter final matches must be completed by end TBC
  • Semi-final matched must be complete by end TBC
  • Final must be completed by end TBC