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TheĀ  teams are split into 2 divisions shown below. Interim results are as of 23rd December 2020.

Note: that with the shortened course, Winter League matches will be from the yellow tees using yellow handicaps.


1. The competition will be 4 ball better ball match play using current handicap; currently 90% of the difference calculated from the lowest handicapped player in the group. The list of handicaps to be used is displayed on the Clubhouse notice board.

2. All matches to be played from the white tees. (however see note above)

3. There will be two divisions of approximate equal size, maximum of eight pairs per division.

4. The divisions will be made up by a random draw.

5. All matches will start from 1 st tee.

6. 3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a halved match & 0 points for a loss.

7. Matches are to be played as follows: All League matches are to be played between 1st October, 2020 & 28th February, 2021 Knockout games (Quarter finals, Semi finals & Final) are to be completed in March, 2021.

8. In the event a pair are unable to play on an agreed date they must advise their opponents and the Competition Secretary. It will be necessary for the match to be played on another date to be agreed by all the players and the Competition Secretary. The
objective is that all matches are played.

9. For any League games not completed by 28th February, 2021 – both teams will receive zero points.

10. In the event of a tie on points the first means of deciding who goes through to the Quarter Finals will be by reference to the result of the match already played between the pairs involved. If possible, this will also be used in the case of a three way tie on points. If reference to matches already played cannot determine who goes through, a play-off will take place to decide . If two pairs are equal on points they will play a further game against each other to decide who goes through and must therefore play the match to a conclusion. If three or more pairs are equal on points, all pairs will play a better ball medal round with the best nett scores going through.

11. The quarter finals will consist of the top 4 in each division after any play-off games have been completed. The draw will be as follows:- Match 1 – 1st from Division 1 versus 4th from Division 2; Match 2 – 2nd from Division 1 versus 3rd from Division 2 Match 3 – 3rd from Division 1 versus 2nd from Division 2; Match 4 – 4th from Division 1 versus 1st from Division 2 The semi finals will be as follows – winner Match 1 versus winner Match 3; winner Match 2 versus winner Match 4

12. Any problems arising will be adjudicated by the Competitions Secretary. Any appeal against any of the Competition Secretary’s decisions must be put to the Seniors Committee.