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First Round results

Teams who qualified for the knockout rounds highlighted in yellow. Third position in Division B was determined by a closely fought playoff between Worsley/Burn and Holland/Gay which was decided on the 18th hole.

Knockout Rounds

The winning team of each match is highlighted in yellow. The semi-finals were played on 28th April and the final on the 23rd May.

23rd May 2022 – Seniors Winter League Final

The weather was cool, the sky overcast as the two pairs of finalists assembled on the first tee.

This was the culmination of a series of 70 matches that began 6 months ago when 21 pairs across 3 divisions began this competition. These pairs had each played 8 of those matches to qualify for this final. There was little to choose between the two teams with Gill, Hugh and Phil all playing off 17, Harry the only one to get 3 shots playing off 20.

Phil and Harry won the toss and chose to play first. Their drives flew straight and true as did Gill’s, however Hugh hooked his into trouble down on the left which did not augur well. When Phil put his second shot close to the pin it was clear that it would be quite a struggle. Somewhat predictably Phil and Harry were one up moving onto the 2nd tee.

Gill managed to stop that rot by halving the 2nd and Hugh did the same with the 3rd. Things appeared to be looking up for Gill&Hugh as they both were very close to 4th green in 2 while Phil and Harry were in difficulties. However Harry, after only just scrambling out of one of the bunkers on the right suddenly sunk a 20 foot putt from off the green for a 4 turning what had been expected to be an easy win for Gill&Hugh into a very nervy half!

Hole 5 went Harry&Phil’s way making them 2 up, but the tables were turned somewhat on the sixth when out of the blue Hugh, who had ended up below the green on the left with a difficult shot over a bunker, ended up sinking a 15 foot putt to win the hole and bring the score back to one. Gill halved the 7th with a well struck putt with Hugh close behind despite having put his drive into the ditch along the right hand side of the fairway. The 8th became a bit of a scramble with Hugh leaving putts short and turning a possible win into yet another half. The 9th was halved by Gill leaving Phil&Harry one up at the turn.

Gill evened the score by winning the 10th but Harry’s demon putter won him the 11th to restore their lead. The 12th and 13th were both halved with very good putting on both sides. The 14th and 15th ended in honourable halves. Gill played extremely well to halve the 16th and the 17th so with one hole to play the score stood at Phil&Harry one up.

Desperate for a win on the last hole, Hugh was faced with an 8ft putt to force the match to go into sudden death playoff. Sadly his putt missed the hole by inches (but at least it wasn’t short) and so Phil and Harry took the match by just one hole to claim the MICK WHEELER WINTER LEAGUE TROPHY.

Winter League Winners Phil Walker (l) and Harry Maitland (r)

2nd place Gill Wright and Hugh Marchant


Much of the match was closely followed by Seniors Captain Barry Nicholas from various places of safety behind trees. It was a little like playing “Where’s Wally” trying to decide where he would pop up next! Little did he know that the safest place would often be in the middle of the fairway!

Captain Barry the Lone Ranger!

Winter League Rules October, 2021

  1. The competition will be 4 ball better ball match play using current, on the day, handicap. Each player has 90% of their current handicap & receives the full difference from the lowest handicap player in the match.
  2. All matches to be played from the white tees.
  3. There will be three divisions of approximate equal size.
  4. The divisions will be made up by a random draw.
  5. All matches will start from 1st tee.
  6. 3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a halved match & 0 points for a loss
  7. Matches are to be played as follows:
    • All League matches are to be played between 1st October, 2021 & 28th February, 2022
    • Knockout games (Quarter finals, Semi finals & Final) are to be completed in March, 2022.
  1. In the event a pair are unable to play on an agreed date they must advise their opponents and the Competition Secretary. It will be necessary for the match to be played on another date to be agreed by all the players and the Competition Secretary. The objective is that all matches are played rather than forfeited.
  2. For any League games not completed by 28th February, 2022 – both teams will receive zero points.
  3. In the event of a tie on points the first means of deciding who goes through to the Quarter Finals will be by reference to the result of the match already played between the pairs involved. If possible, this will also be used in the case of a three way tie on points. If reference to matches already played cannot determine who goes through, a play-off will take place to decide . If two pairs are equal on points they will play a further game against each other to decide who goes through and must therefore play the match to a conclusion. If three or more pairs are equal on points, all pairs will play a better ball medal round with the best nett scores going through.
  4. The quarter finals will consist of the top 2 in each division & the 2 best third placed teams. The draw will aim to keep teams from the same division apart, if possible.
  5. Any problems arising will be adjudicated by the Competitions Secretary. Any appeal against any of the Competition Secretary’s decisions must be put to the Seniors Committee.

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